Hotel Transylvania And Other Movies 2012: Sharing Popcorn With My Man

Over the weekend, My Man and I watched Hotel Transylvania. It’s an animation flick about Count Dracula who happens to be the over protective parent of a teenage vampire who ends up liking a human. Dracula runs this monster hotel to help them ease out and relax from all the stresses of lurking in the shadows and hiding from human persecution, but the human boy finds the hotel and mingles with everybody to the distraught of Dracula. 😆 In this one, Dracula is over the top OC and monsters are shown in a new light. They are the ones afraid of people! All in all, Hotel Transylvania is a light movie that is fun to watch with kids.

I wanted to catch Hotel Transylvania when I saw the movie trailer while watching The Avengers, I think. You see, when this year started, I vowed to make more effort in bonding with My Man through watching movies. It is something that he enjoys doing and unfortunately something that I don’t. But since I love him, I figured it is worth the suffering. 😆 In the list that I made for 2012, I included watching a movie with him once every two months. Because I’m sort of OC too, I ended up watching a movie with him once every month!

Here is a list of the movies 2012 we have managed to catch. Now I’m no expert in film and I just watch what comes along. For the most part, it is difficult for me to watch movies because they are long  but I’m really trying my best. Maybe you have seen these movies this year too? What did you enjoy the most?

Movies 2012 List

  1. Hotel Transylvania – Wathc the trailer here!
  2. Snow White and the Huntsman – I only watched this because of Chris Hemsworth. We were supposed to catch this in the cinema but I kept on stalling so we ended up watching it at home.
  3. The Bourne Legacy – I have no clue how the previous installments of the franchise went but the body of Jeremy Renner is enough to make me content with its latest offering. :mrgreen:
  4. The Cabin in the Woods – My Man said the rating of this movie is high in the forums but when I watched it, I felt cheated. But of course, Chris Hemsworth is on the film so it doesn’t matter in the end.
  5. The Adventures of Tintin – Some people may shoot me for this but I find the character of Tintin very, very annoying.
  6. Wrath of the Titans – I liked the first one better. My favorite part of this one though is when Hades says he is all spent and maybe he will be a better man without his powers.
  7. The Avengers – Let’s just say I watched it three times. 😀
  8. Sherlock Holmes 2 – Again, I enjoyed the first one better but I like how RDJ acts. He is so believable; even if I highly associate him with Iron Man, when I caught this film, he is Sherlock alone.
  9. Three Musketeers – This one is something I truly enjoyed. I did not expect I would enjoy it but it was really fun: the story, the characters, the way the plot unfolded. This movie is really cute.
  10. Puss ‘N Boots – Meow!
  11. Ghost Rider 2
  12. Real Steel

I don’t know what movies are coming in but I’m sure we’d watch something the next two months. Do you have any recommendations?

Photos taken from here and here.

32 thoughts on “Hotel Transylvania And Other Movies 2012: Sharing Popcorn With My Man

  1. I’ve seen this movie’s trailer but for some reason the title didn’t stick to me. I thought you’d be talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I read the title, which, by the way, is amaaaazing.

    Medyo kagaya ba sya ng Monsters Inc. where the monsters thought humans were dangerous? I love that movie. 🙂

    I still haven’t seen Bourne Legacy. I feel like the worst Edward Norton fan right now.

    • yes, monsters are scared of humans. it’s cool though i’m not jumping up and down over it. it’s fit for kids more. watch bourne. jeremy renner is so worth it! :mrgreen:

  2. I recently watched House at the End of the Street, if you’re into a horror (though I’d say that’s more of a drama/thriller). Amazing Spiderman was good and Men in Black 3 was amusing!! I’m watching Sinister probably tomorrow, if you’re interested I can let you know how that goes!

    • i’m not into horror and i’m not the biggest fan of spiderman. what is sinister? i hope it went well for you and it’s great seeing you here again. 🙂

      • Sinister is a horror, it was a little much even for me. It wasn’t really my thing since it was more murder mystery so I don’t recommend it haha it had a really ominous soundtrack though so I’ll give it that!

        • i’m not into mysteries or horrors. i don’t see the point in paying money to see a movie for the sole purpose of scaring me shitless and giving me a hard time going to the bathroom alone.

          • hahaha I’ve never actually had a movie do that to me! Usually they are more like dramas like mother-child bonds and stuff like that. But I see what you mean XD

  3. recommendations??????

    well, twilight is coming, so is the new james bond movie and the remake of red dawn which i think your chris something is there. i believe he will play the role that was initially played by the dirty dancing guy, i forgot his name.

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