All I Want For Christmas

Do you treat your blog friends like real-life friends? If you do, this post is definitely for you so make sure you leave a comment to participate in this blog event!

See, I have always said that my blog friends are an important component of my social circle. I like them very much! So last night I figured, it will be cool to host a Christmas party for my blog friends, and maybe their other blog friends too.

It is called All I Want For Christmas, an exchange gift swap between bloggers. I know it is still early but I just want to shoot you the idea and see if you will like it too.

All you need to do is leave a comment in this post to be included and I will contact you via e-mail to get your details and send it to your partner. Don’t worry, of course I will hold your details in confidence!

After that, you need to make an All I Want For Christmas post in your blog to give your partner some idea on what kind of person you are and what kind of gift it is that you will like or need. Be sure to notify me once you have posted this on your blog. The gift starts at P200 btw. Your post should give the following:

Something small:

Something big:

Something cute:

Something soft:

Something techie:

Something fancy:

Something (insert your favorite color):

Something wearable:

Something you need:

Something you can use for work:

Something sweet:

All I Want For Christmas:

If you want to add more information, or have something special in mind, feel free to add yourself but that is the basic thing. Naturally, the gift giving part should start sometime in December and all the gifts should have been swapped by Dec. 18.

It is also important to add in your All I Want For Christmas post if couriers do not deliver to your house, like with me, so your partner can notify you to pick you your package on the nearest courier branch you have, but of course sending via the local post is also okay but it is not very reliable.

I hope you can participate in this event blog friends, especially my favorite ones! This is something that we cannot do often to bond with our blog friends. If you can tell your other blog friends who frequent your blog too, please do so, or better yet, post All I Want For Christmas in your wonderful blogs! The more, the merrier!

117 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas

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  4. Just received my gift… super like it! Thank u very much!
    I want to apologized for my partner, I’ll be sending my gifts quite late, but I assure you will like it.
    Happy New Year PM!

  5. Hi Prinsesa!

    Just want to inform you that I sent the Christmas package to my partner December 6, 2010. I sent you an e-mail but I am not sure if you received it =)

    Thank you very much and Happy Christmas!

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    • glad you can! just do your wish list and send me your mailing details and url of the post so i can send it to your partner!

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    • hi syempre naman pwede! pwedeng isa lang kung gusto mo naman ispoil ang partner mo can give more, totally up to you. will e-mail you and thanks for joining!

    • onga ang dami na natin ang saya but there are still some who have not made their all i want for christmas post so wala pa silang partner. i hope everyone can do theirs na para makapag plan na sila, sobrang exciting!

    • yes dyosefina, glad you can join! i will be sending you an e-mail and once you do the post and send me your mailing details you will get a partner!

  9. PM! i love the idea. i hope its never too late to join… sorry for the delayed response. wasnt online the past few days… will make my post then.

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  11. hi prinsesa, di ko na alam how i get here, pero your idea is soooo cool kaso pano kami magparticipate if we are miles aways? alam ko na maybe we can adopt your idea and we can do the same here in dubai, there quite a lot of dubai bloggers here, i think they will like it.

    • hi yellow bells. it is possible to send a package via snail mail and there are a couple of bloggers based in dubai who have already joined so you might as well join too!

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  13. i don’t usually write nor give comments very so often, but more of reading everyone else’s lairs.. pwede bang mag-join ang reader lang?! i’d love to take part on this… 😀

    • hi jake, sure thing. but you need to write your all i want for christmas post so your partner can get to know you. will send you an e-mail and let me know! thanks!

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    • thanks for joining. i have noted your url and have sent you the e-mail and once you have provided your mailing details i’ll be sending in your partner too!

    • hi kero thanks for joining, i have noted your url and have sent you the e-mail and once you have provided your mailing details i’ll be giving you the details of your partner too!

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    • hi ana, yes and thanks for joining. will send you an e-mail. for once i was confused if kg was commenting or what, LOL

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  20. sige, game! hahaha. Sabay pray ako na sana di masyado mahirap hanapin ang regalo para sa magiging partner ko. Very limited kasi ang ibinebentang goodies dito sa bundok hahaha. We only have fish and vegetables here hehehe.

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