The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 4

I learned a new word the other day from the lovely vee: Asante Sana! It means ‘Thank You Very Much’ in Swahili. Come June 4, the academic year starts here and another 16 kids are saying many thanks to all of you for your generosity via The Notebook Project. This brings the total number of recipients to 71!

OMG is that the most amazing thing in the world? You bet it is and with all my heart I want to say thank you for being the most rocking set of blog friends ever, πŸ˜€Β particularly for this batch, to my former friends and colleagues from the university paper Ate Coca, Ate Norlyn, Ate Janice, Kuya Marcos, and Benj; to Β Addie and her wonderful group of friends Sam, Cretz, Wel, Deana, Bena, Abby, and David; and to the one and only dorm boy, Pat. Bless your hearts everyone. No matter what happens now, your names will be a part of the lives of these children you reached out to. πŸ™‚ Who knows up to where your influence in their lives goes?

Also, just as I posted a few days ago about how much I enjoy receiving stuff from the mail, all the notebooks for these 16 kids this time came from the mail! How cool is that? I particularly loved the under the sea theme of the notebooks from Addie and her friends because as I mentioned in the first The Notebook Project post, these kids are sons and daughters of fishermen and farmers primarily, so that’s so cool.

Now that this is the last Many Thanks post for this project, I’m just so overwhelmed at how everything went. I keep on saying, in the beginning, I didn’t know if anyone else out there will bother to reach out but in the end, there are 71 kids with a new set of notebooks each, from preschoolers to high school students, and this just makes my heart swell with so much joy because it means there are tons of good people around who will not hesitate to go the extra mile, even for people they do not know. That’s truly incredible and every day during the run of this project, I felt the pulse of the universe go lighter and lighter. I want to say, these notebooks did not give hope only to the kids, but to me as well.

Asante Sana everyone! To all my lovely blog friends who supported The Notebook Project from the first many thanks post, to the second, third, and this last one, you’re all awesome. Many, many thanks for caring. Many, many thanks for reaching out. Many, many thanks for your heart. πŸ˜€ I’ll never forget it, as the kids you blessed will always remember too. Maraming Salamat… Thank You!

16 thoughts on “The Notebook Project: Many Thanks Part 4

  1. This is a great way to help Prinsesa! Where have I been throughout all these notebook projects? I’m glad it was successful.You have a big heart and friends with big hearts too.

    • i mentioned you in my previous post too! i said you’d be proud of me for choosing vegan chicharon over crispy pork rinds πŸ˜† i’m glad for all the support, tom. it’s great!

  2. I loved the notebook designs too, I was tempted to keep one for myself but then again… ❀

    I'll make sure to extend your appreciation to my WONDERFUL set of friends.

    You rock, PM! God bless you.

    • this really came out of nowhere, liz and to have 71 kids covered is just the most amazing thing in the world! thank you again! πŸ™‚

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